PHOTO - TMS Week 7 #547517This week, VH1‘s That Metal Show goes classic as Eddie, Don, and Jim welcome Mick Jones, founder and chief songwriter of Foreigner, and Leslie West, vocalist and guitarist of the seminal hard rock band Mountain. Jones will be updating TMS Nation on what’s happening in the Foreigner camp, and West will be sharing some old Mountain stories, as well as sharing a special surprise with Eddie. Mick and Leslie will also be playing “Put It On The Table”. This week’s musical guest is the legendary Lita Ford. She was the very first guest ever on That Metal Show, and she’ll make history again this Saturday as the show’s first-ever female guest musician. Also this week, former Megadeth axman Marty Friedman checks in via “Metal Modem” to update everyone on the projects he’s working on, and shed some light on possible U.S. solo tour dates.

“I’m thrilled that the show is coming back,” said host Eddie TrunkThat Metal Show before the season started. “But, I’m really excited that we’re now shooting on a weekly basis, as fans will now have the opportunity to see the new episodes as soon as they are completed.” Since it’s inception in 2008, the talk show has brought fans a unique heavy music news and discussion experience. To date, the show boasts a roster of special guests including members of Aerosmith, Pantera, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, KISS, Anthrax, Pearl Jam, Heart, Metallica, and many more. To hold fans over until the next season, full episodes and exclusive bonus clips from Season 12 are now airing on Don’t forget to download the new VH1 App to keep up with That Metal Show on the go. – by Matt Bishop (Top left Photo Courtesy of Colin Douglas Gray)

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