The band is reducing sold-out venues to rubble behind their new album ‘You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To’

Knocked Loose [Matt Bishop/AEG/Bowery Philly]

Knocked Loose are an absolute force to be reckoned with.

The heavy music upstarts are currently trekking across North America behind their bruising new album, You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To. Along with a stellar supporting cast of Show Me The Body, Loathe, and Speed, the tour is reducing sold-out venues to rubble. Last night at Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia was no exception, with circle pits swirling and bodies flying over the barricade left and right.

Check out our full gallery from the show below.

The band kicked things off with a new song, “Blinding Faith.” They would go on to play just two more new tracks from their latest LP, which has been hot off the presses for less than a month. Just two songs in, frontman Bryan Garris took a moment to gazed out into the chaotic crowd.

“Philly, this one goes out to all the crowd surfers out there,” Garris said. “This one’s called ‘Don’t Reach for Me.”

Knocked Loose [Matt Bishop/AEG/Bowery Philly]

With that, the band tore into their new hit single, and bodies began to barrel over the audience towards the barricade. One after another, crowd-surfing fans were passed to the front and tossed over the barricade. Security, who are a fantastic team at Franklin Music Hall, were busy as hell that night, but it was a good crowd. Fans were moshing fairly responsibly, enjoying the moment and taking care of each other. It was still fuckin’ wild, though, don’t get it twisted.

Other highlights included “Mistakes Like Fractures,” “Denied by Fate,” “Suffocate,” “Counting Worms,” and more. The band’s sophomore LP A Different Shade of Blue got the most love, with five tracks being pulled from the album. As mentioned, the group only debuted three new songs, but they will most likely be touring for a while on this record, so there’s plenty of time for more new tunes to see the lights of a stage.

It’s been wild to watch the meteoric rise of Knocked Loose. From a side stage at Rock Allegiance in New Jersey a few years ago, to their monumental set at Coachella last year, the band is truly breaking out and bringing hardcore and metal to the young mainstream. Poised for their biggest year yet, we need bands like Knocked Loose now more than ever.

Knocked Loose [Matt Bishop/AEG/Bowery Philly]

On August 6, Knocked Loose are embarking on another North American run as special guests of Slipknot. The landmark run is in celebration of Slipknot’s 25th anniversary. The storied metallers better bring it, though. Knocked Loose are going to take things to a high level early on, and by the time Slipknot take the stage, the crowd will be like a massive hornets’ nest that just got whacked with a baseball bat. Good on a veteran act like Slipknot for bringing a band like Knocked Loose out on the road to push them, though, and to give a rising star the chance to take the torch.

Knocked Loose released You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To on May 10 through Pure Noise. The album has performed well commercially, hitting No. 1 on the UK’s Rock & Metal Albums chart and cracking the Top 25 on the Billboard 200 in the United States. With three hit singles, including the beautifully brutal duet with Poppy “Suffocate,” the band is poised to truly break out on this album cycle.

Knocked Loose [Matt Bishop/AEG/Bowery Philly]

“On this album, we go the fastest we’ve ever gone; we go the scariest we’ve ever gone. We also go the catchiest and the most melodic that we’ve ever gone, and that’s the point,” guitarist Isaac Hale said. “Instead of branching off into a specific direction, we want to encompass all directions.”

Knocked Loose will be on this headlining run until June 9, wrapping things up with a sold-out show at Jannus Live in St. Petersburg, Florida. On June 14 and June 15, they will be playing two exclusive record release shows at Paristown in their hometown of Louisville, Kentucky along with special guests Poison the Well, Superheaven, White Reaper, Trash Talk, and Division of Mind on select nights. On August 6, they hit the road again with Slipknot, Orbit Culture, and VENDED on another path of destruction.