The pop punk mainstays are packing venues on their current Forever Tour

All Time Low [Matt Christine/The Rock Revival]

All Time Low put on an all-time show at their return to Red Rocks Amphitheatre last night. At one of the world’s most legendary venues, the band rose to the occasion and delivered the goods in the form of a massive 35-song set for the finale of the first leg of this tour. The moniker for the band’s current run is “All Time Low Forever.” Last night was one of those gigs that fans, and the band for sure, will never forget.

Beauty School Dropout kicked off the evening’s festivities. Despite playing in the delight, they delivered a fantastic 8-song set. Fans were surprised when Royal & The Serpent took the stage to join the band for “Starphucker.” The Los Angeles trio are one of the fastest-rising groups out there, and need to be on any rock and alternative fan’s radar.

All Time Low took the stage with an electric energy that immediately captivated the capacity crowd. The natural acoustics of the iconic venue amplified the evening’s emotional intensity. Opening with their hit anthem “Tell Me I’m Alive,” they set the tone for an unforgettable night. The backdrop of the red rocks against the band’s fantastic lighting created a visually stunning atmosphere that perfectly complemented their high-octane performance.

During the set, the band headed over to a second stage to treat fans to an intimate acoustic set. They performed beautiful renditions of hits like “Glitter & Crimson,” “Missing You,” “Therapy,” and others. The unique moment was one of the many highlights of the evening.

Additionally, Royal & The Serpent returned to the stage to join All Time Low for “PMA.”

After seemingly playing an endless amount of songs, All Time Low returned to the stage for an encore of not just one song – but four. They started with “Calm Down” and “Modern Love,” then tossed in a cover of Celine Dion’s monster hit, “My Heart Will Go On.” Even though the crowd still wanted more, they wrapped things up with their seminal hit, “Dear Maria, Count Me In.”

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