Sitting Down with Eyes Set To Kill

It’s been almost a year since I’ve interviewed Eyes Set To Kill, and what a year it’s been for them. The band recently got back from a European festival run, and drummer Caleb Clifton stated, “It [Europe] was insane. It was another world. We played with a bunch of bands we’ve all grown up and loved.” Rhythm guitarist/scream vocalist Cisko Miranda added, “We played our biggest shows ever.” The first time I caught up with ESTK was last October at 48 Hours Festival in Las Vegas, NV, and the band’s general consensus was that the European festivals we way more epic.

The band’s last album, White Lotus, was released just over a year a go and the band has been busy writing music for a new album. “We’re excited to be writing and recording this album,” said lead guitarist/clean vocalist Alexia Rodriguez. “A lot of it is heavier and really catchy. It’s an album that we’re proud of. We wrote it for ourselves and our fans.” The band has been giving fans a small dose of new material while on tour. “The first song that we play in our set is a new song,” said bassist Anissa Rodriguez. “It’s really heavy, really fast, really in-your-face.”

Eyes Set To Kill are currently headlining the Show Your True Colors Tour, there first tour in the States in about a year. In the last year, the band has played some of the biggest stages in the world, including 48 Hours Festival . On July 19, 2012, it was announced that the band had signed with Century Media Records, with plans to release a new studio album in the coming months. Until then, their eyes are set on you. Get your tickets and get ready to crank it up. – by Matt Bishop

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