A wonderful trend has been taking the internet by storm lately. Videos of the Ice Bucket Challenge have been dominating social media, all for a great cause. The Ice Bucket Challenge is helping awareness and raise funds for ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis). To complete the challenge, one must pour ice water on themselves within 24 hours of being challenged, or else donate $100 to ALS research. In most cases, people actually do both. After completing the challenge, you must challenge a few of your friends at the end of the video, and the cycle continues. So far, over $15 million has been raised as a result of the Ice Bucket Challenge. Most videos are only a few seconds long and are taken on cell phones or camcorders. Many rockstars have been getting in on the action like Adam Levine (Maroon 5), Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), Ashton Irwin (5 Seconds of Summer), Gwen Stefani and Adrian Young (No Doubt), Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park), and many others from all genres. Today, Foo Fighters took things to a new level with a nearly 4-minute fully-produced video. The very-short film is a parody of the horror movie Carrie, substituting a bucket of blood for a bucket of ice water. It all seems a bit grandiose, but would you really expect anything less from Dave Grohl & Co.? Check out the video above, and then go make your own Ice Bucket Challenge video. Don’t forget to donate, too – DONATE TO THE ALS ASSOCIATIONFoo Fighters new album Sonic Highways is due out on November 10. – by Matt Bishop

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