Melvins Pull a Houdini – Buzz Osborne Interview on 51-Date Record Breaker U.S. Tour

When discussing cult rock legends, we can’t forget about the Melvins. The band recently released their 18th studio effort, Freak Puke, on Ipecac Records. The band has embarked on a 51-date tour in support of the album, attempting to set a new record for 51 shows in 51 days. I caught up with frontman Buzz Osborne on Date 32 of the tour.

As far as what to expect from the Melvins on their new record (which is always interesting to see), Osborne said, “We do our best. It’s a different kind of thing for us, but not tremendously different.” The Melvins music has always been experimental and crazy. When discussing musical trends and genres, Buzz stated, “Well, we’ve always had influences and things of that nature, but I never wanted to belong to any kind of ‘club’ or a particular scene. That never interested me.” Buzz lists The Who and Jimi Hendrix as early musical influences in hislife, and finding a love for punk and hardcore bands like the Sex Pistols and Black Flag later on. “Punk rock is really the world we [Melvins] come out of.”

Melvins were founded in 1983 by lead singer/guitarist Buzz Osborne and drummer Dale Crover. The band combined elements of heavy metal, punk, and hardcore to pioneer a new sub-genre of sludge metal. Always the road warriors, the band achieved commercial success in 1993 with their Atlantic Records debut, Houdini. Melvins played Lollapalooza ’93 and ’94, and did stints on Ozzfest in the ’90s as well. Their music has had tremendous impact on legendary bands like Soundgarden, Tool, Downand Mastodon, and a lasting influence on the genre. Melvins launched their 2012 50 States + D.C. in 51 Days Record Breaker Fall U.S. Tour on September 5 in Anchorage, Alaska. The epic trek will end October 25 in Honolulu. Your chance to be apart of rock history is growing short, so grab your tickets get ready to mosh with the Melvins. – by Matt Bishop (Top Left Photo Courtesy of Frank Hoensch/Getty Images)

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