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In Between the Sand and Snow with Robert Stevenson and Spencer Walker of A Silent Film

In Between the Sand and Snow with Robert Stevenson and Spencer Walker of A Silent Film

A Silent FilmIt’s seemingly getting rarer and rarer nowadays to find a band that’s complete refreshing. I recently got to sit down with such a band backstage at The TLA in Philadelphia, PA. The UK’s A Silent Film are currently on their first U.S. tour run of 2013 in support of their latest record. I got a chance to sit down with vocalist/pianist Robert Stevenson and drummer Spencer Walker to talk about the album, touring the states, and much more.

When I asked how the tour was going, both Robert and Spencer looked at each other, and replied, “Best yet.” Robert went on to elaborate, saying that the energy from the crowds had been absolutely incredible, and that it was quite a big difference being a headliner, as opposed to a supporting act. When talking about the album, I asked the guys about their creative balance between the fast-paced, energetic songs, and the slow, soothing songs. Spencer replied, “I don’t think we ever set out to do one or the other. We didn’t really set a game-plan for this record, but we definitely like it when people dance, and that comes out in some of the softer songs and some of the louder songs.” Robert added, “I think we just very naturally try and exhibit the balance of life; you have your ups, you have your downs.”

A Silent Film formed in 2005 from the combined ashes of two other bands. In 2007, the released their first EP, The Projectionist. InA Silent Film (1) 2008, they followed it up with their debut LP, The City That Sleeps. The album produced a hit single, “You Will Leave Your Mark”, which was a huge radio request in both the UK and US, and ranked #4 on Sirius XM Alt Nation’s “Songs of The Year” behind Mumford & Sons, The Black Keys, and Vampire Weekend. The album was released in the US in 2010. That same year, the band won Alt Nation’s award for Best In-Studio Performance.

In June 2012, the band released their much-anticipated follow-up, Sand & Snow. The album has been the band’s greatest success yet, producing two hit singles, “Danny, Dakota, and The Wishing Well” and “Harbour Lights”. Throughout their career, the band has shared stages with Smashing Pumpkins, OneRepublic, Biffy Clyro, Civil Twilight, and more. The guys are currently wrapping up their U.S. tour run, with more dates to come, including a just-announced appearance at this year’s Firefly Music Festival in Delaware alongside Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, Foster The People, Vampire Weekend, The Lumineers, The Joy Formidable, Alabama Shakes, and many more. Be sure to grab your tickets and get out to see these incredible fast-rising stars. – by Matt Bishop