Today, Imagine Dragons unveiled the cover art and tracklisting for their upcoming new album Smoke + Mirrors. The disc is due out on February 17, 2015. A deluxe version featuring four bonus tracks will be made available exclusively via Target. Imagine Dragons also released another new song “Gold” from the record. A few weeks ago, the band released the album’s first single “I Bet My Life”. Back on November 23, Imagine Dragons took home the award for Favorite Alternative Rock Artist at the 2014 American Music Awards for the second consecutive year.

Imagine Dragons wrote two new songs for the Transformers: Age of Excinction Soundtrack over the summer – “All For You” and “Battle Cry” – the latter of which was performed on U.S. soil at Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE in June. Imagine Dragons also headlined Budweiser Made In America – Los Angeles back over Labor Day Weekend. Last year, they were a featured up-and-comer at Made In America 2013 in Philadelphia. The band’s debut album Night Visions debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 via Interscope Records and has since sold over three million copies worldwide. The disc’s lead single “Radioactive” has sold over six million copies in the U.S. alone, and “Demons” has sold over three million. The album garnered the band five Billboard Music Awards, a World Music Award, the American Music Award for Favorite Alternative Artist, and the Grammy Award for Best Rock Performance. – by Matt Bishop

IMAGINE DRAGONS – Live Photo Gallery

Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors

1. Shots
2. Gold
3. Smoke And Mirrors
4. I’m So Sorry
5. I Bet My Life
6. Polaroid
7. Friction
8. It Comes Back To You
9. Dream
10. Trouble
11. Summer
12. Hopeless Opus
13. The Fall


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