rickey-medlocke-lynyrd-skynyrdIs rock ‘n’ roll a dying breed of music? Not according to Lynyrd Skynyrd. I recently caught up with guitarist Rickey Medlocke to talk about the band’s current world tour, and their new studio album, Last of A Dyin’ Breed, which was released today on Roadrunner Records. “The tour is goin’ great,” Medlocke stated. The band has been all over place, including the US, Canada, Europe, and Brazil. The band’s new record is their first studio release since 2009’s Gods & Guns. “[For this record] we consciously went back to recording the record old-school, all of us got in the studio at one time and played it live, recorded it live, and whatever mistakes there were we’d go back and correct it, ” said Medlocke. “I believe it made all the difference in the energy and the feel of the record.”

Lynyrd Skynyrd are one of the godfathers of southern rock, and have earned themselves a reputable place in rock ‘n’ roll history. With five platinum albums under their belt, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. Since 1997, the band has released four albums, all of which have charted in the Top 100 on the Billboard Top 200. Their last release, 2009’s Gods & Guns, peaked at #18. This time around, Skynyrd are out to prove that while they may be the last of a dyin’ breed, rock ‘n’ roll is alive and well. – by Matt Bishop (@The_MattBishop)

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