Charm City Devils Bring The Sin to Chocolate City at Rock Allegiance

It’s a tough job to kick off a festival show bright and early at 1:00pm, but somebody’s gotta do it. At Rock Allegiance 2012, it was Charm City Devils who were called upon to get things off to a running start. Later on in the day, I sat down with frontman John Allen to reflect… Continue reading

Foxy Shazam Preaches ‘The Church of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ at Rock Allegiance

Foxy Shazam‘s latest album is called The Church of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Foxy Shazam were out on tour with The Darkness. I interviewed Foxy Shazam at Rock Allegiance 2012. Foxy Shazam will be going out on tour with Slash. Foxy Shazam is working on a new album. Foxy Shazam say the will cause the… Continue reading