The unruly audience member was thrown off the stage by security

The Black Crowes
The Black Crowes [Matt Bishop/The Rock Revival]

Last night, The Black Crowes played at the Palais Theatre in Melbourne, Australia. The performance concluded their massive Shake Your Money Maker anniversary tour. The show didn’t go off without a hitch, unfortunately, when an unruly fan jumped onto the stage.

In video footage shared on Twitter by another fan in attendance, the rogue audience member jumped onto the stage and ran up to singer Chris Robinson, waving his arms wildly. Security managed to grab him, but the large man pushed his way though them and grabbed Rich Robinson’s guitar. Eventually, he was pushed right off the stage and escorted out by security. Both Chris and Rich came up to the edge of the stage and shouted what one can only imagine were a few choice words at the disgraced Crowes fan.

Watch the full clip below now.