Rob Zombie, Marilyn Manson Giving Summer A Shock On Twins Of Evil Tour

Rob Zombie [Matt Bishop Photo]

(TRR) – The summer concert scene is getting a bit of a shock this year, as horror rock icons Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson are teaming up once again for another installment of their landmark Twins of Evil Tour. Last night, the artists set up shop at the PPL Center in Allentown, PA for the second stop of the trek. The up-and-coming alternative outfit Palaye Royale started the evening’s festivities.

Manson, who released his debut album Portrait of an American Family 25 years ago, proves to be timeless. He opened with his industrial headbanger “Angel with the Scabbed Wings” from his multi-platinum sophomore smash Antichrist Superstar. The track, like many others in his catalogue, holds up.

Marilyn Manson [Matt Bishop Photo]

Manson, after a few songs, asked the crows, “Did you miss me, Allentown? ‘Cause I sure missed you.”

Manson churned out hits like “Rock Is Dead,” “The Dope Show,” “This Is The New Shit,” and others. His encore was none other than his anthem “The Beautiful People.” Sadly, Manson did not break out any material from his 2015 record The Pale Emperor, which is one of his best.

Marilyn Manson [Matt Bishop Photo]

Rob Zombie took the stage for the second part of the co-headliner. Zombie has been a busy bee lately, as he seemingly always is. Next week, the trailer for his new film 3 From Hell is scheduled to be unleashed, and he has been working on new material for his forthcoming seventh studio album. So, the production on this tour doesn’t have quite as many of the bells and whistles per usual, however the man needs to focus on creating, so we’ll just let that go this time around.

Rob Zombie [Matt Bishop Photo]

Musically, however, Rob Zombie and company crush it as usual. Along with the stellar musicianship of guitarist John 5, drummer Ginger Fish, and bassist Piggy D, Rob Zombie cranked out hits like “Superbeast,” “Living Dead Girl,” “Dead City Radio,” and others. He also threw in the usual White Zombie classics “More Human Than Human” and “Thunder Kiss ’65.” At the end of the set, Zombie was accompanied by his tourmate Manson for their cover of The Beatles’ “Helter Skelter,” which they recorded as a single last summer.


Zombie returned for an encore, tearing through “Dragula” – the first big hit single of his solo career.

Rob Zombie [Matt Bishop Photo]

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