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Megadeth [Matt Bishop Photo for The Rock Revival]

(TRR) – Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine is partnering with Reverb to sell nearly 150 items, including guitars, amps, recording equipment, and more gear used throughout his career. The Official Dave Mustaine Reverb Shop will go live on Monday, November 4.

“I have a lot, a lot, a lot of gear. I’ve got a lot of double-neck guitars, I’ve got a lot of prototype stuff. I’ve got absolutely killer collector’s item stuff for the right guy,” Mustaine says. “For me, my job is to put everything I can into this guitar so that when it gets put in somebody else’s hands, I can say, ‘This is the guitar that wrote “Holy Wars.”‘”

Among the items that will be for sale in the Reverb shop are 20 of the thrash metal legend’s signature guitars, including a 1987 Dean Dave Mustaine Signature Holy Grail V (#1 of 33), a Signature Zero Korina (#10 of 50), a 2007 Signature Silver V prototype, a Signature Silver Burst VMNT, and a Signature Stealth VMNT that was used extensively for touring.

“I have always believed when it comes down to memorabilia with a band—especially instruments—I want to pass this onto people. I want them to be able to have something that I had,” he says. “When I die, I don’t want a guitar in my coffin. Some of these guys want to be buried with stuff—I don’t want to die. I want to live forever.”

Mustaine’s shop will also feature:

  • Several Marshall EL34 100/100 Dual Monoblock amps, including one that is autographed and one that still has Mustaine’s settings marked.
  • An Akai MPC1000 drum machine that was used extensively on tour and autographed by Mustaine.
  • Several Zoom G2.1DM Dave Mustaine Signature pedals used by Mustaine on tour as indicated by the gaff tape still on the pedals.
  • A Furman PL-8 Power Conditioner amp autographed by Mustaine and last used on the Vimic song “Fail Me (My Temple),” on which Mustaine is featured.
  • Multiple Fractal Axe FX-11 amps used by Mustaine on tour.
  • A seven-piece DDrum drum kit with art from Peace Sells on the kick drum.
  • A Shure Wireless Megadeth Transmitter System with signed cases.
  • Several acoustic guitars, multiple effects pedals, kick pedals and crash symbols, and more.

“As far as the gear is concerned, there’s a lot of small detailed stuff that we have in our storage. Stuff that goes back to the very beginning of the band,” Mustaine says.

“When you’ve been playing and touring for as long as I have, you tend to amass quite a collection of gear,” he says. “They’re great instruments and they represent more than 40 years of playing—but I’ve got more than I could possibly use myself. I owe so much to my fans—if it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t even have all this gear. I’d rather give it back to them than let it sit and collect dust.”

While you can hear Mustaine talk all about his Official Reverb Shop in the video at the top of this page, you can also watch an extended interview we did with Mustaine. Check it out to hear the secret behind his early sound, his thoughts on amp modeling, what record he’d play if he colonized the moon, and more.

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