Foo Fighters New Album 2014Today, on 8/8, Foo Fighters have revealed the first 8 seconds of their upcoming 8th studio album. While the album and song are still untitled, we hear frontman Dave Grohl let out an epic shout, singing “All rise!”. One can only conclude that this is likely to be the name of the track, and possibly the name of the album. The Foos are poised to make a big announcement on Monday, August 11, which could give us the album’s title or an official full audio track of this first single. It could also bring tour plans. At this point, any Foo Fighters news is good news. The band co-headlined the Firefly Music Festival in Dover, DE back in June. They are set to headline Life is Beautiful Festival in Las Vegas and Voodoo Experience Music + Arts Festival in New Orleans, both in October. Dave Grohl’s new original series Sonic Highways premieres on October 17 at 11pm EST on HBO.

Foo Fighters last album, 2011′s Wasting Lightdebuted at #1 on the Billboard TopFoo Fighters 200 and was produced by Butch Vig, who produced the legendary Nirvana album, Nevermind. Keeping with the desire to create a rawer and heavier album, Grohl decided to record it in his garage in Encino, CA. The disc went on to earn the band five Grammy Award nominations, including Album of The Year. The album won the award for Best Rock Album, and the song “White Limo” won Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance, and “Walk” won both Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song. Foo Fighters walked away with a fifth Grammy that night – the award for Best Long Form Music Video for Back and Forth, a documentary about the recording of the album. To support the record, the band hit the road on the Wasting Light World Tour from December 2010-September 2012. – by Matt Bishop

Foo Fighters new album


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