Getting Reckless on Warped Tour with All Time Low

Speaking as a distinguished member of the press, you haven’t completely covered the Vans Warped Tour until you do an interview in the bathroom. I got a chance to catch up with Jack Barakat and Rian Dawson of All Time Low in this perfect setting this year. When I asked about the Warped Tour experience this year, Dawson stated, “It’s so good. If you could pick a dream line-up for us, this would pretty much be it. Our favorite bands, our favorite people. It’s amazing.”

All Time Low recently released the first single from their upcoming album, “The Reckless and The Brave.” In regards to the new track, Barakat said, “It’s a great teaser for the whole album. It’s a song that everything else [on the album] kind of sounds like.” As far as the general sound of the new album, both Barakat and Dawson agreed that it’s an “energetic” album.

Post-Warped, All Time Low have some epic plans. They’re headed to Europe with Green Day and Foo Fighters for a 3-week festival tour, and then back to the States for a headlining tour. Oh, and somewhere in there…the new record drops! Get your tickets, stay posted for the new album, and get ready to crank it up and get reckless. – by Matt Bishop

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