Miss May I Bring Metal to the Main Stage on Warped Tour

In the midst of a huge melting pot of genres on Warped Tour 2012, I sat down with Levi Benton of Miss May I to get a heavy dose of metal. When I asked how the tour was going, Levi replied, “It’s been awesome. It’s our first year on main stage, so I’m pretty nervous, but we’re excited to be a metal band on main stage and reppin’ for the metal community!” Levi and I went on to discuss the state of metal music, metal on Warped Tour, and much more.

Levi went on to discuss the band’s new album, At Heart. The album is very stripped down. No bells and whistles. “It’s a real-sounding album; nothing digital. Everything is real. It’s what we thought sounded good.” Oh, and he also said that there’s a lot of riffs on this record. My response? HELL YEA.

After the band finishes their main stage run on Warped Tour, their heading to South America with Asking Alexandria for a monster tour, and then a headlining tour in the US and Europe to promote the new album. In 2013, the band has a HUGE tour planned, but as hard as I tried to get the scoop, Levi couldn’t reveal the details. MMI fans stay tuned for the epic announcement. Until then, get your tickets, follow your heart, and CRANK IT UP. – by Matt Bishop

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