The Path of Totality Leads To Rebellion In Carolina with Ray Luzier of Korn

     The Path of Totality Leads To Rebellion In Carolina with Ray Luzier of Korn

     Korn are once again kings of the rock world. They’re latest album, The Path of Totality (Roadrunner Records), was released back in November, and continues to take the ears of listeners to another planet. The new record combines Korn’s classic nu-metal sound with new influences. Each track features a popular dubstep/electro-house artist, with appearances by Skrillex, Noisia, and more. Prior to the album’s release in October, Korn headlined the epic 48 Hours Festival; the first outdoor rock festival of its kind in Las Vegas. After being apart of music history yet again, Korn embarked on The Path of Totality Tour to promote the new record. They’ve been on the road ever since, just getting back from a run across Europe in time to grab a co-headlining spot at Carolina Rebellion 2012. Shortly before their set, I got a chance to sit down with drummer Ray Luzier to talk about the band’s tour, the latest album, drum lessons, and so much more. Ray and I discussed in detail the band’s live show, and how they are really trying to incorporate every facet of Korn’s deep catalog into their performance every night.

     The Carolina Rebellion show wasn’t just any old Korn show, however (well, no Korn show ever is). Tonight was epic and historic. Former founding guitarist Brian “Head” Welch was on-hand to join Red for a special guest performance (Head’s solo project is currently touring with Red and P.O.D., who were also playing The Rebellion). But, the performance with Red wasn’t the only special surprise that was in store for all the Rebels in attendance. I saw Head backstage with all the Korn guys, and it looked like they were just hanging out and catching up on old times. As darkness fell, the legendary Korn took the stage and began to burn through their 3-part set (old Korn, new Korn, and greatest hits). As their set was coming to a close, frontman Jonathan Davis walked over to the right side of the stage as Munky played the intro riff of “Blind.” Davis looked at the floor, then looked up at the crowd and said, “For the longest time, this spot right here has been very lonely. I’d like to invite one of my truest, oldest, and most beloved old friends to come out and have some fun with us.” With that, Head talked out on stage, guitar raised high above his head. 50,000 Rebels exploded into a frenzy, and Korn ripped a version of “Blind.” Head parted ways with Korn in 2005, and the fans’ 7-year itch was finally scratched. The band didn’t miss a beat, and it felt like Head had never left. When the song ended, hugs were exchanged by all, and Head disappeared into the backstage shadows. We can only hope that this show was a premonition of Korn’s future.

     In 1994, Korn released their self-titled debut album, revolutionizing metal and music as whole. They created a whole new sub-genre, “nu-metal”, that fused traditional heavy metal with elements of alternative rock, grunge, and hip-hop. In the following decade, Korn would rule the airwaves. Topping the Billboard charts, garnering massive radio play, and consistently owning the #1 spot on MTV’s TRL, Korn became the biggest band in the world. The band has sold over 35 million records world-wide. The band has released ten studio albums, 8 of which have gone Top 10 on the Billboard Top 200 (five of them hit the Top 5). Eight of their albums have gone multi-platinum. They have been nominated for 7 Grammy’s, winning two of them, and 11 MTV Video Music Awards, winning 2 of them. Korn hit their peak when they released back-to-back masterpieces: 1998’s Follow The Leader and 1999’s Issues. Both albums hit #1 on the Billboard Top 200. Their last album, 2010’s Korn III: Remember Who You Are, hit #2. Korn are back on top of the music game with The Path of Totality, which hit #10 in Billboard. Korn will be closing out their Path of Totality Tour in the U.S. this spring, hitting the festival circuit in the UK this summer, as well as several other countries around the world. As always, Korn CRANKS IT UP!

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