Next Stop: The Last Vegas – Interview with Nate & Adam Arling

Next Stop: The Last Vegas 

     It was an epic night at the historic Electric Factory in Philadelphia: the legendary Guns N’ Roses, with very special guest The Last Vegas. I caught up with Nate Arling (drums) and Adam Arling (guitar) before the show. They guys were practically fresh off a plane from Spain, where they were on a headlining run. They said they pretty much got off the plane back in the States, and got a phone call saying that GnR had invited them to open on their intimate east coast run.
     The Last Vegas are no strangers to being special guests of hard rock royalty. In 2009, they joined Mötley Crüe on their Saints of Los Angeles Tour. I saw them for the first time on that tour with Crüe, and I was blown away! Since then, they’ve also toured with the likes of Buckcherry, Papa Roach, and the almighty AC/DC.
     Since 2004, the band has release one EP and four full-length studio albums. In 2008, Spin Magazine named them “Best New Discovery” of 2008. Their most recent record, Whatever Gets You Off, came out in 2009 and was produced by Nikki Sixx (Mötley Crüe) and current Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist DJ Ashba (also of Nikki Sixx’s band, Sixx:A.M.). The guys are currently writing and recording a bunch of new tunes, and are looking at a possible new record this summer, as well as lots of touring. We haven’t heard the last from The Last Vegas…this is only the beginning! CRANK IT UP!

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