The Rockzilla Tour is an absolute rager

Papa Roach [Matt Bishop Photo]

This summer’s Rockzilla Tour is appropriately named. The monster bill features co-headliners Papa Roach and Falling In Reverse, a duo that is proving to be a perfect combination. Along with Hollywood Undead and Bad Wolves, the trek is packing arenas across North America and is one of this summer’s hottest tickets.

Hollywood Undead [Matt Bishop Photo]

Last night at the Santander Arena in Pennsylvania, doors opened promptly at 5pm and fans flooded the venue early. Bad Wolves and Hollywood Undead got things off to a running start. High energy sets from both bands set the tone for the rest of the show. Bad Wolves Kicked things off with “Sacred Kiss,” the thunderous title track from their latest EP. Other highlights were their hit single “Killing Me Slowly” and their re-imagined version of The Cranberries’ “Zombie” which has become a staple for them.

Hollywood Undead treated fans to a 12-song set that spanned most of their discography. The kicked things off with “CHAOS,” the opening track from their latest LP Hotel Kalifornia. Surprisingly, the group introduced fans to only one more song from the new record – the single “City of the Dead.” They threw in a cover of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues,” and saved their vintage stuff for the end. They cranked out the sing-a-long song “Everywhere I Go” and wrapped things up with their anthem “Undead.”

Falling In Reverse [Matt Bishop Photo]

Falling In Reverse are an undeniable live force. The amount of moshing and crowdsurfers that Ronnie Radke and company are able to churn up rivals that of the most intense metal shows around. Crushing performances of “Zombified” and “I’m Not a Vampire” kicked off their set. The group also unleashed their other new single “Voices In My Head.” The lone offering from their watershed album Fashionably Late was the title track. Hits like “Bad Girls Club” and “Rolling Stone” didn’t make the setlist this, but hey – that’s how you keep ’em coming back for more.

“Raised by Wolves,” “The Drug In Me Is You” sounded excellent, and “Popular Monster” brought the set to a soaring close.

Falling In Reverse could very well be headlining arenas this size on their own the next time around.

Papa Roach [Matt Bishop Photo]

For over two decades, Papa Roach have been one of the most reliable acts in rock music. Steadily cranking out good material, they’ve overcome addiction and outlasted trends to become one of the most infectious live acts in heavy music. On the Rockzilla Tour, they’re simply doing what they do best.

They opened with “Kill The Noise,” the opening track from their latest album Ego Trip. The immediately through it back to their classic banger “Getting Away With Murder” which sent the crowd into even more of a frenzy. They threw a ripping cover of The Prodigy’s “Firestarter” which was absolute perfection. You’d be hard-pressed to find a finer tribute to them.

Papa Roach brought out some members of Hollywood Undead for assistance on “Swerve,” a new song from Ego Trip that features FEVER 333 and Sueco on the recording. They showcased three total tracks from their new LP. Other highlights included “Blood Brothers,” “Face Everything and Rise,” “Between Angels and Insects,” and “Scars,” which garnered a massive reaction from the crowd.

Papa Roach are one of those very few bands that only have one way to close out a show, and that’s with their seminal smash “Last Resort.” It’s been the keystone of their set since the beginning. The crowd still sings every fucking word. The encore of a Papa Roach show is never a surprise, but that doesn’t make it any less special.

The Rockzilla Tour rolls on through August 31.

Limited tickets are on sale now HERE.

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