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Soulfly Interview with Max Cavalera On Tour Bus – 2012 Enslaved World Tour

Enslaving The World with Max Cavalera of Soulfly

For over 20 years, Max Cavalera has been one of the premiere frontmen in heavy music. He co-founded Sepultura in 1986, and the band incorporated worldly and tribal elements into their thrash and death metal sound. In 1998, he founded Soulfy, an ultra-heavy project that became a corner stone of the nu metal movement. Every Soulfly album has charted on the Billboard Top 200 (7 of their 8 albums breaking the Top 100). The band just released their 8th studio album, Enslaved, on Roadrunner Records.

I recently caught up with Cavalera on the Reading, PA stop of the band’s 2012 Enslaved World Tour. Max and I kicked off the conversation with his thoughts on the new record. “It’s definitely a more extreme record,” Cavalera said, “it’s like Dark Ages, only more brutal.” This is sure to get fans excited to crank up Enslaved! Max went on to tell me that the band really went back to their death metal roots on this record. As far as the setlist for the tour goes, Max told me that the band is playing about 4-5 songs of the new album, and filling in the gaps with all the Soulfly hits. Max and I also talked about his legacy, and the influence that he’s had on metal music. Oddly enough, Max said that he’s actually influenced by younger bands a lot.

After this U.S. run, Soulfly will be heading to Europe to hit a bunch of festivals, including stops at Sonisphere and Hellfest. Then they guys will be returning to the States for a second U.S. run. Be sure to grab a copy of Enslaved  (if you think you can handle it) and get your tickets for one of the loudest shows on the planet this summer. CRANK IT UP!