Adult fans toned down the intensity so the youngster could participate in the pit

Pantera live 2023 [Credit: Matt Bishop]
Pantera [The Rock Revival]

Metal fans are simply the best.

While heavy metal concerts aren’t typically for the faint of heart, every once in a while a moment comes along that warms the soul. Sure, fairly often you’ll get some drunken fans or a fight here and there, but for the most part, there’s a lot of camaraderie at rock shows. Back on September 8, Pantera fans at the BankNH Pavilion in Gilford, New Hampshire came together to give one young fan an incredible experience.

During the band’s performance of “Strength Beyond Strength,” a young child who was there with his father wanted to get into the mosh pit, so the adult fans around them decided to make it happen. They created a new pit around the kid, and started moshing around with him very gently as to avoid injury. Concert attendee Steven Sirois caught the moment on video, and shared it exclusively with The Rock Revival.

“Dude went to pass through the pit with his kid, and the kid decided he wanted to mosh,” Sirois said. “The thirty seconds before this, he was just pushing his dad around, then he decided he wanted to go for the bigger guys! [It] was an awesome moment at probably one of the best shows of my life. [The] kid probably got into school on Monday morning and was like, “Alright, let’s open this room up!”

Check out the clip of awesome moment below.

Throughout the band’s entire tour, many parents have been spotted taking their kids to see this incarnation of Pantera. Younger fans are finally getting a chance to witness one of the greatest heavy music acts of all time, sharing the moment with their parents who saw the band back in the day. During the first show of the tour, frontman Phil Anselmo made the observation, stating, “That’s good fuckin’ parenting.”

Pantera kicked off their first full tour in over 20 years on July 28 at at The Pavilion at Star Lake, just outside of Pittsburgh. Revisit our review and live photos HERE. The band’s North American headlining tour with Lamb of God recently wrapped up on September 15 at Jiffy Lube Live in Virginia. This weekend, the band has a featured performance slated at Louder Than Life in Kentucky, followed by another stand at Aftershock in California next month. Pantera are also currently serving as special guests for Metallica as part of their massive M72 World Tour.