The track is from the soundtrack of the upcoming ‘American Psycho’ comic book series

Puscifer [The Rock Revival]

Fresh off their groundbreaking Sessanta Tour, Puscifer have revealed a brand new single, “The Algorithm.” The track is from the soundtrack to the upcoming comic book series, American Psycho. Stream the official video below.

“American Psycho” artists Piotr Kowalski (“The Witcher,” “Bloodborne,” “Sex”) and Brad Simpson (“Kong of Skull Island,” “Stray Dogs,” “Blade Runner Origins”) collaborated with Puscifer to create original illustrations for the video. The clip, animated by Tony Celano of Sumerian Records, features the serials’ lead characters Charlene Carruthers and Patrick Bateman, with Carruthers’ social media-heavy storyline aligning with Puscifer’s oft-mentioned themes of dopamine addiction through habitual social media use.

“Joining forces with the legendary rock band Puscifer for our soundtrack to the ‘American Psycho’ comic book series is an electrifying collaboration,” shares Nathan Yocum. President of Sumerian Comics. “This original song brings an intensity and depth to the narrative, elevating the experience for fans and readers alike. We’re thrilled to amplify the story’s impact with Puscifer’s signature sound, creating a fusion of music and storytelling that will further captivate audiences.”

Mat Mitchell, Puscifer guitar player and co-writer, adds: “Our approach to writing ‘The Algorithm’ was not to delicately peel back the layers of the onion, but instead, to take an axe to it.”