The track was written nearly a decade ago and never released until now

Otherwise [© Matt Bishop Photo]

Otherwise have revealed a brand new song “Coffins.” The brutal track features jackhammer guitar riffs from lead axman Ryan Patrick and a unique vocal performance from frontman Adrian Patrick. Stream the official audio below now.

While it is new for fans, the band wrote the song nearly a decade ago and never released it until now.

“We’ve had this song in the pocket for many years,” frontman guitarist Ryan Patrick says. “I’ll always remember playing Carolina Rebellion in 2013 and line-checking with the riff to this song. At that point, [Carolina Rebellion organizer] Danny Wimmer was our manager and was standing side-stage. He looked at me after I played the opening riff which I had recently just wrote and with eyes wide open, gesturing to my guitar, said, “What is that?” I smiled back at him with a wink and said, ‘It’s next.'”

At that point, the song was merely an idea.

“Oh man, the words that come out of a cocky 25-year-old’s mouth,” Ryan quipped. “Well, it wasn’t technically next, and a lot of things have changed, but nine years later and it’s finally come to life. With this beast of a song and message, oddly enough, we step onto the biggest hometown stage we’ve played in nine years tonight as well – opening for Godsmack at the The Dollar Loan Center.”

Otherwise are currently trekking around the U.S. The recently performed at the massive Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Virginia, and are supporting Godsmack on select dates. Tickets and VIP Packages for all upcoming shows can be purchased HERE.