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Rising Up at Rock On The Range 2012 with Cypress Hill


     Rap-Rock legends Cypress Hill added a fifth element to Rock On The Range 2012. The guys played a rousing set, ending with their huge and very appropriate hit, “Rock Superstar.” For an alternative act, Cypress Hill were able to blend their unique brand of hip-hop, rap, and hard rock with the rest of the 2012 Rock On The Range lineup.
     I got a chance to catch up with Sen Dog and Eric Bobo earlier in the day before the band’s set. They said they were really stoked to be apart of the lineup, and bring something different to the table. “We love doin’ what we do,” said Sen Dog. “Cypress Hill, in our 22nd year, are still pedal to the metal.” The guys also said that they are working on a new record, which will be an experimental outing for the band. Sen Dog said that the band is working with a renowned dubstep producer, and the fans should expect a classic Cypress Hill album infused with dubstep and other elements.
     Cypress Hill have released 9 studio albums in their 22-year career. 1993’s Black Sunday hit #1 on the Billboard Top 200, and the band has been nominated for three Grammy Awards. Cypress Hill are currently on a world tour, and their 10th studio album is due out later in 2012. CRANK IT UP! – by Matt Bishop