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Gin Blossoms San Diego Set Cut Short

Gin Blossoms San Diego Set Cut Short

Images by Johnnie Crow

Words by Melissa Butterfly

Gin Blossoms and Big Head Todd & the Monsters performed at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay in San Diego, California on September 12, 2018.

Gin Blossoms opened the show on the Bay with boats of all types afloat next to the Humphreys open air venue located at one of San Diego’s picturesque waterfronts on iconic Shelter Island. Some fans were in boats hoping to hear the show, while others filled the venue. It was the perfect setting and a beautiful San Diego evening.

Unfortunately, Gin Blossoms only played a partial setlist of 7 songs, old hits and new songs from their “Mixed Reality” album. The show came to an abrupt end when lead singer Robin Wilson told the audience he was sick, apologized for cutting the set short, and then he and the band walked off the stage. This was a super shocking and sad moment as they sounded so good and their San Diego fan base was totally enjoying the show.

The crowd was dumbfounded due to the lack of details about the illness especially since Robin and the band were jamming and awesome Gin Blossoms vibes were flowing out into the venue and onto the Bay. Fans were disappointed, yet understanding, and hoping that Robin is okay. Some fans want a redo, while others want a refund as they did not get their “Hey Jealousy”, but the show has not been rescheduled as of yet. At least the “Mixed Reality” tour is continuing and the reality of stopping back by San Diego on their way back to their Tempe, AZ hometown is a hopeful possibility.

For a full list of Tour dates click on this link: http://www.ginblossoms.net/tour

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