Stickin’ it to Warped Tour – Interview with Josh James of Stick To Your Guns

I got a chance to sit down with Stick To Your Guns guitarist Josh James at Warped Tour 2013 to talk about the ins-and-outs of the festival, and more. “It’s awesome,” Josh stated. “We’re havin’ a lot of fun on Warped Tour.” This year, the band played a stage with a very diverse musical… Continue reading


Never has a solo artist been so iconic and unique that they actually go by the last name of “Idol”. What’s even a more rare instance is if the solo artist’s guitar player is almost equally as notable as the Idol himself. One such guitar player is Steve Stevens of Billy Idol. On the… Continue reading

Building a Filthy Empire – Heaven’s Basement at Carolina Rebellion 2013

One of the highlights of Carolina Rebellion 2013 was certainly the UK’s Heaven’s Basement. In the wake of the release of their debut album, Filthy Empire, the band has brought their furious rock ‘n’ roll show to the States for a ton of touring and festival appearances. Just 2 days before The Rebellion, Heaven’s Basement… Continue reading

Confessions at Carolina Rebellion with Keith Nelson of Buckcherry

Backstage at the big festivals is always a great place to get the inside scoop from bands. This was the case when I sat down with guitarist Keith Nelson of Buckcherry at Carolina Rebellion 2013. The band touring hard on their new album, Confessions, which debuted at #20 on the Billboard Top 200 back in February… Continue reading

Never Too Loud – A Conversation with Danko Jones

When Danko Jones is around, things can never be too loud. Whether it’s the music of his band, or his spoken word engagements, Danko Jones brings the noise both literally and figuratively. In 2013, Danko Jones is louder than ever. The band recently released their sixth studio album, Rock and Roll… Continue reading