The limited edition Ghost is available now

John 5 with his Fender Ghost Telecaster [Dominic Cooley]
John 5 with his Fender Ghost Telecaster® [Dominic Cooley]

Fender has announced a brand new John 5 signature guitar. The Limited Edition John 5 Ghost Telecaster® is the latest Fender artist signature guitar for John 5 who has been a life-long Telecaster player. John 5 is currently the guitarist for Mötley Crüe, the latest chapter in his storied career.

The Limited Edition John 5 Ghost Telecaster® retails for $2,999.99 and is available for purchase now HERE.

Check out the official product video and photo gallery below.

The all-new axe features John 5-approved specs, including a custom neck profile with 9.5” radius fingerboard and narrow tall frets that provide excellent playability, an alder body with balanced tone and smooth clarity, and modern, medium-high gain humbucking pickups by Dimarzio that are designed to replicate the sound of active pickups in a passive format. Visually, the John 5 Ghost Telecaster® is unique to most guitars on the market boasting an “all-white” look that is further enhanced by the contrasting red binding and accents, and a flashy chrome pickguard. 

“I’ve played Telecasters my whole life and getting to design my own is a dream come true,” said John 5. “When it came to design, I was inspired by some of Fender’s previous collaborations, but sought to create a model that would be both visually stunning and comfortable to play. Fender helped me design a Telecaster that was different from anything else on the market and the easy-to-play all-white fretboard and unique pickguard is proof of that. The leather strap and cable match the guitar’s white aesthetic and the pick visuals are absolutely killer!” 

John 5 with his Fender Ghost Telecaster [Dominic Cooley]
Fender Ghost Telecaster® [Dominic Cooley]

Along with the Telecaster®, John 5 wanted to give a little something extra to fans, which has come to life in his signature collection of accessories. The accessories collection includes a white leather strap with red suede backing, a 10’ cable in artic white with custom molded red ends and a six-pack of 351 celluloid picks featuring John 5’s logo and graphics as twisted as his Telecaster® playing.

“Over the span of his career, John 5 has shown that his guitar skills know no bounds in terms of genre or sound,” said Justin Norvell, EVP of Product at FMIC. “The Ghost Telecaster® is a celebration of his iconic style, with a killswitch that allows rapid-fire stutter effects and a chrome pickguard that completes the stunning look of this guitar. Beyond that, the signature capsule collection allows John 5 to give fans something that celebrates the whole visual experience of his artistry, not just his inventive guitar playing.”

John 5 started his career as a session player before establishing himself as a premiere guitarist for rock music heavyweights including David Lee Roth (Van Halen), Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Marylin Manson, Rod Stewart, and more. For almost three decades, John 5 has become one of the most in-demand guitar players on the planet, having worked with an impressive array of talent from across the industry. An eternal student of music, John 5’s expansive knowledge of various genres shows up in his bluegrass licks, sweep-picking solos and high-speed chicken-pickin’ lines – all with a Fender Telecaster® in hand. This summer, fans can see John 5 shredding on his Ghost Telecaster while on tour with Mötley Crüe

John 5 recently entered the studio with Mötley Crüe and producer Bob Rock to begin recording new music.