The rising rockstar recently wrapped up a brief tour with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry

Rising rockstar Micky James is certainly one to watch. His vintage nature is a huge breath of fresh air in the middle of today’s rock music landscape. With feverish antics and soaring vocals, he’s incredibly exciting to watch. On the latest episode of the Talk This Way Podcast, Micky checks in to talk about touring with Aerosmith’s Joe Perry, finding his own identity on stage, and much more.

He recently wrapped up a brief trek serving as a special guest for Perry. The run included a hometown show at New York City’s landmark Webster Hall. James exploded onto the stage and delivered a raucous performance. Jumping around with furious energy, Micky tore through an eight-song set that included his hit singles “Tie Me Up,” “Kings,” “Give It To Me Straight,” and his latest track, “New York Minute,” which was appropriately debuted in the heart of its namesake. He wrapped things up with is biggest song – “Rest of the Best.”

Speaking on the experience of sharing a stage with one of rock music’s biggest icons, James said, “It was amazing. I mean, I would say those shows were probably the best shows I’ve played with this project, or maybe ever as a musician. Those shows were so good, the audience was really receptive especially as a support act. They were really into it. Every show as great. The New York City show, especially. Webster Hall was kind of like a pinnacle venue for me to play as a New York native, so it was really cool to play that place and I think that was one of my favorite shows of this tour.”

Micky James
Micky James [Matt Bishop/The Rock Revival]

Glammed out to the max, the New York native oozes all of the excess from another era. Much like his contemporary Luke Spiller of The Struts, James’ stage presence and style are reminiscent of artists like David Bowie, Freddie Mercury, and Steven Tyler. Many would see it as a compliment of the highest form, but it could also be implying that he’s simply a cheap imitation of rock greats. I asked him if the comparisons were complimentary, or if it felt like people were putting him in a box, so to speak.

“That’s interesting you say, ‘put in a box,'” he pondered. “No,” he then replied emphatically. “I mean, when people compare you to people like Mick Jagger (The Rolling Stones) or David Bowie, I think that’s the highest compliment you can get. I think they’re still some of the greatest performers ever. I think that’s always been a compliment when you’re a charismatic frontman playing rock music. I think you’re always going to be compared to those kind of performers. They’re the best. I still think they’re the best performers, and I want to be one of the best performers. So, I think it is a good thing. I think it is a great thing. I think over time, you’ll fall into your own pocket and you’ll create your own identity but at first, I think people can’t help but compare you to other people and I’ll accept that. I’m flattered every time people compare me to them”

Micky is plotting a select number of live performances throughout the rest of the year. He has a gig at The Sultan Room in Brooklyn, New York on May 23. Tickets for the show are on sale now HERE.