The band recently unleashed their highly anticipated debut album

On the latest episode of the Talk This Way Podcast, guitarist Stacey Blades and vocalist Peter Summit of the Las Vegas rock outfit Crashing Wayward stopped by to chat about their debut album, creating fan experiences, and more.

Stream the full chat above now.

The group’s debut studio effort Listen! arrived on June 9 via RFK Media Group. Powered by the singles “Closer,” “Breathe,” and “Disco Kills,” the 11-song LP is a wonderful marriage of delicate melodies and driving hard rock. On June 28, the band held a special album release show at Industrial Sound in their native Las Vegas.

Peter said of the show, “It really kind of like a more immersive, outside-the-box [show] than you’re typical kind of rock show, which is I think kind of important for us because I feel we are a little bit more outside the box within our genre of hard rock and there’s a lot of conceptual kind of ideas within this band, and my brother, who’s a world-famous graffiti street artist; you know, he’s done skyscrapers in Korea and all over the world. He came in and did some imagery for us. He brought in his good friend Mike Giant who created a super-limited print for the show, new merch, so it was really kind of like a taste of either really large theater or small arena show for us. It was a really cool experience to switch it up in the smaller clubs we’ve been playing.”

“And the 30-foot video wall didn’t hurt as well,” Blades adds. “I think it was 50, Stacey,” Peter said jokingly. “I think it was a 50-foot video wall.”

“Yea, that was amazing,” Blades elaborates. “We had all these really cool images, Matt, of really trippy stuff, so that was really cool to have for the first time with this band as opposed to just our backdrop. It was a great night.”

The band’s debut album is available on CD now HERE. A vinyl version is in the works and will be available in the near future. Fans can also stream the album on Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music.