Ridin’ The Whiskey Train with Blackfoot

Ridin’ The Whiskey Train with Blackfoot

Blackfoot is back and ready to rock once again. In the last few months, a revamped version of the band has formed to carry on the legacy of the classic lineup. Produced by founding member Rickey Medlocke, Blackfoot now consists of lead vocalist/guitarist Rex Bongo, lead guitarist Tim Rossi, bassist Brian Carpenter, and drummer Michael Cannizzaro. All the guys were personally chosen by Rickey to carry on the Blackfoot legacy.

Blackfoot is in full swing, touring hard with a new single out. I got a chance to catch up with the band at Penn’s Peak in Jim Thorpe, PA not too long ago when they opened for southern rock greats Jimmy Van Zant and Molly Hatchet. I sat down with Tim, Brian, and Michael to talk about the band’s new single and their imminent future. “The one thing we’re trying to do with Blackfoot is not lose the intensity of the stage shows,” said Cannizzaro. “It’s a really big deal to us as musicians to uphold what they [original Blackfoot] did.” When I asked about the band’s new single, and what we can expect from more new Blackfoot, Tim Rossi told me “It [new songs] will definitely be more of the same as ‘Whiskey Train’. Driving vocals, driving guitars; a lot of old school rock ‘n’ roll. ‘Whiskey Train’ sets the tone for the record.”

The band is currently riding the Whiskey Train across the U.S. on tour, which wraps up on September 28 at Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach, VA. In November, the band is heading overseas for a European tour. Be sure to stop over at www.blackfootband.com for all the band’s latest touring info, AND to listen to the brand new single, “Whiskey Train,” which is streaming free! Cheers to carrying on legacies and keeping southern hard rock alive and kickin’. CRANK IT UP!

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