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West Means Home

West Means Home [Photo Courtesy of Milly Baine/Secret Service PR]

(TRR) – Alabama rock quintet West Means Home announced the release of their debut full-length album Hope This Reaches You. A teaser for the first single “New York” can be streamed below. The band signed to Philadelphia independent label Innerstrength Records to release the LP next spring. West Means Home will join other up-and-coming Innerstrength artists like 156/Silence, Rig Time, and Machinist.

“We crossed paths with Innerstrength hundreds of miles from home on one of our northeast tours,” the band said in a statement. “They’ve done so much to help us build this new record. Hope This Reaches You is the sum of the places we’ve been, emotionally and physically this past year. Our new music represents the extreme highs and lows we’ve experienced as we’ve transitioned into adulthood. Conceptually and musically, this is our most authentic release yet. For us, this album was less about writing a song, and more about creating something tangible that we could be proud of.”

Based in Florence, AL, West Means Home combines an electrifying passion and soulful guitar riffs to create a “wall of sound” that translates from record to stage seamlessly. run in the same vein of artists like All Get Out, Microwave, and Taking Back Sunday. The band’s influences range from early emo-alternative to classic Southern rock for a unique and original sound.
Following their formation in 2015, West Means Home independently released their debut single and music video. It garnered thousands of views online. Dashboard Confessional frontman Chris Carrabba took notice as well, touting the band on Facebook.  To date, West Means Home has released an EP Something From Nothing (2016), a live “Sanctuary Session,” a music video for the track “Invitation” and a split record with Boxer Joy, that have all led to the anticipated album debut in the spring.

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