The Extended Edition of ‘In Cauda Venenum’ arrives in May

Opeth 2022

Opeth have shared their new song “Width of a Circle.” It is a previously unreleased track from the band’s last album In Cauda Venenum. Stream the official audio below now.

In Cauda Venenum (Extended Edition) is now available for pre-order. Additionally, the album’s limited Connoisseur Edition vinyl box set which includes the same bonus tracks but remastered by Mikael Åkerfeldt specifically for vinyl, will be available in the North American retail stores for the first time on May 13. Both album editions will also be available at the band’s merch table on the upcoming North American tour with Mastodon.

The band’s upcoming release, also available on digipak, contains the English and Swedish versions of their latest album In Cauda Venenum with new illustrations by internationally renowned Travis Smith in the booklet as well as a third CD featuring three unreleased bonus tracks, both in English and Swedish: “The Mob” / “Pöbeln,” “Width Of A Circle” / “Cirkelns Riktning,” and “Freedom & Tyranny” / “Frihet & Tyranni.”