John Mayer, Stretching His Legs On A Summer Tour, Is Still Sharp

John Mayer [© Matt Bishop Photo]

(TRR) – While he’s not pushing a new record, John Mayer decided to get out and stretch his legs this summer. The guitar guru is touring for the heck of it, and still packing arenas. Last night was #MayerMonday at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, and John treated fans with a new stage setup.

Across the street, Philadelphia’s football stadium Lincoln Financial Field was already buzzing. Rock ‘n’ roll icons The Rolling Stones were setting up production for the band’s highly-anticipated show tomorrow evening. Despite another hot ticket in town a mere 24 hours later, Mayer still managed to pack the sister arena next door.

John Mayer [© Matt Bishop Photo]

Mayer takes a lot of pride in his live performances (and the fact that he never misses venue curfews). So, he proceeded to play a 26-song set. He dug deep into his catalog, performing tracks from six of his seven studio LPs while sprinkling in some covers. The lights went down, and Mayer walked across the stage behind his band and a see-through screen, silhouetted but the LED one behind him. He started things off with “Still Feel Like Your Man” and “Why Georgia, followed by a warm rendition of his hit single “Love on the Weekend.

Other highlights included two covers – Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin'” and Prince’s “The Beautiful Ones.

John Mayer [© Matt Bishop Photo]

Mayer closed out the evening with a two-track encore of “Gravity” and “New Light, a new(ish) track that Mayer released last June.

John Mayer’s last album – 2017’s The Search For Everything – peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200 and No. 1 on Billboard Top Rock Albums via Columbia Records.

John Mayer [© Matt Bishop Photo]

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