Black KeysAfter nearly four years away from the recording studio, The Black Keys are set to release a brand new single, “Fever”. The song drops on Monday, March 24. The track is the band’s first new piece of studio material since their 2011 monster LP, El Camino. The disc hit #2 on the Billboard Top 200, and garnered the band three Grammy Awards- Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song for “Lonely Boy” and Best Rock Album for El Camino. As of now, there is no further word on when a new full-length studio album will come to fruition. In 2012, the band released a six-song EP of live studio recordings from December 2011. The songs were recorded from practice session in preparation for their 2011-2012 tour. The 6-song EP, titled Tour Rehearsal Tapes, featured four songs the multi-platinum El Camino, and two songs from their 2010 Grammy Award-winning album Brothers.

The Black Keys have been monsters of rock over the last few years. Their 2010Print album, Brothers, was certified platinum and garnered the band three Grammy Awards. The follow-up, El Camino, hit #2 on the Billboard Top 200 in 2012. At the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, the Keys were joined on-stage by actor Johnny Depp for a version of Gold On The Ceiling” after he accepted his MTV Generation Award from Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith. In addition to their tour, the band played Firefly Music Festival, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and Global Festival in New York. This past January, the band played a special Super Bowl XLVII show at the legendary Roseland Ballroom in New York. This summer, The Black Keys will be hitting the festival circuit starting on May 16 at the Hangout Music Festival in Alabama. From there, they’ll head overseas for appearances at Open Air Festival (Switzerland), Rock In Roma (Italy), and many more. – by Matt Bishop (

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