Lamb of God Frontman Randy Blythe Reportedly Released from Czech Jail

Lamb of God Frontman Randy Blythe Reportedly Released from Czech Jail

     Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has been released from jail, according to the Czech news site Blythe made is court appearance today around 10 AM after being arrested for manslaughter on Wednesday (June 27) when the band arrived at the Prague Airport. He has been reportedly released on 4 million Czech Koruna bail (approximately $200,000).

     The arrest is in connection with an incident that happened 2 years ago at a Lamb of God concert in which a fan tried to jump on stage twice, but was stopped by security. On his third attempt, the fan got past security and charged at Randy. Randy simply pushed him back into the crowd. It was reported, however, that the fan fell back into the crowd and hit his head, causing trauma that resulted in his death 14 days later. Yesterday, Lamb of God’s publicist Adrenaline PR issued the following statement:

     “Under no circumstances was there a fight of any kind involved. This incident deals with a fan that three times during the concert jumped the barricade and rushed Randy during the performance. It is alleged that the third time, security was not able to reach him and that Randy pushed him back into the audience where supposedly he fell and hit his head.”

     A formal statement from Lamb of God’s management about the entire situation is expected to be made on Monday (July 2). Lamb of God are currently touring in support of their latest album, Resolution, which debuted at #3 on the Billboard Top 200. For now, The Rock Revival wishes Randy, his family, and Lamb of God all of the best in this terrible ordeal. Keep calm and carry on. – by Matt Bishop (Photo Courtesy of Bobin James Photography)


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