Jungle Rot unleash new album ‘Terror Regime’

Jungle Rot Terror RegimeWisconsin death metallers Jungle Rot have unleashed their new album, Terror Regime, via Victory Records. The disc is their immediate follow-up to their Victory Records debut, 2011’s Kill On CommandThe band will be hitting the road hard in April, as they will support Suffocation and Exhumed on the 2013 Despise The World Tour. Jungle Rot have been grinding it out since 1995 when they released their now legendary demo, Skin The LivingEven though the band just remastered and re-issued the demo as a special treat for fans, copies of the original are still highly sought-after, some selling for as much as $100.00.

Jungle Rot arrived on a thriving death metal scene in 1995 with their destructiveJungle Rot band demo, Skin The Living. Over the last decade and a half, they have been winning over fans with one crushing live performance after another. In 1998, the band signed their first record deal with Pavement Music, and released their debut LP, Slaughter The WeakTheir sophomore effort, 2001’s Dead and Buried, is arguably their best body of work in the eyes of their loyal fans. Jungle Rot would release four more studio LPs before signing with Victory Records in 2011 and releasing Kill On Command, their most critically-acclaimed album to date. The band will be supporting their new album, Terror Regime, on an absolutely monster tour this spring with Suffocation and Exhumed, which kicks off on April 4. – by Matt Bishop (Photos Courtesy of Jungle Rot/Victory Records)

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