The Crystal Method Replace The Prodigy At Welcome To Rockville

Crystal Method

Crystal Method

(TRR) – The Crystal Method are set to perform at Welcome To Rockville 2019 in place of The Prodigy. The news was announced on Monday via an Instagram post on the festival’s official account. The Crystal Method’s set will be on Friday, May 3 alongside Korn, Evanescence, Chevelle, Killswitch Engage, and others.

“The Crystal Method has stepped in to bring you an unforgettable performance in their [The Prodigy] place,” the post read. Singer of The Prodigy Keith Flint died on Monday, March 4. The band’s management immediately postponed all of the band’s future shows indefinitely.

“I like so many have woken up to the sad reality that another iconic and influential member of the music community has taken their own life,” The Crystal Method said in a statement. “I personally want to send my deepest condolences to Keith’s wife and family…and to his band mates. In the dozen or so times TCM shared a stage or played a festival with The Prodigy, I witnessed some phenomenal performances. Liam’s beats and propulsive sound was the sonic Fuck Yeah that so many of us old school ravers needed while Keith’s raw combustable energy and cyber punk persona served up the right amount of Fuck You to the establishment! I never really hung out with Keith and only had the briefest of personal interaction with him but he was always kind and I know he will be missed.”

Korn, Rob Zombie, and Tool are headlining the 2019 installement of Welcome To Rockville from promoter Danny Wimmer Presents. Other featured acts include Shinedown, Judas Priest, The Cult, Skillet, Black Label Society, Incubus, The Struts, Beartooth, Pap Roach, The Fever 333, Dorothy, The Glorious Sons, and many more. The festival will take place on May 3-5 at Metropolitan Park in Jacksonville, FL. Tickets are on sale now HERE.

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