Anchor & Brailles to Release Sophomore Effort ‘The Quiet Life’

Anchor & Brailles to Release Sophomore Effort The Quiet Life

     Anchor & Braille are set to release their second album, The Quiet Life. Anchor & Braille formed in 2008 as a side project of Anberlin frontman Stephen Christian. The Quiet Life is the much-anticipated follow up to 2009’s Felt. The album drops July 31 via Tooth and Nail Records.

     For the past 3 years, Christian has worked on the album sporadically, writing and recording in his spare time whenever he could. On The Quiet Life, Christian reflects on his musical experiences in life and draws influence from groups like like Empire of the Sun and M83. Christian mixes electronic elements, complex layers, and even orchestral arrangements to create a distinct sound. The album’s first single will be “Goes Without Saying.” 

     The Quiet Life was recorded earlier this year in Peptalk Studio in Christian’s current hometown of Nashville.  The album is co-produced and engineered by keyboardist Kevin Dailey of Civil Twilight and Anchor & Braille guitarist Micah Tawlks. Referred to by Christian as a “patchwork record,” the album builds on the demos that Christian has been working on for years.

     Anchor & Braille will hit the road this summer in support of the album. The trek kicks off on July 21 at the Evening Muse in Charlotte, NC and touring through August with stops in Philly, Washington and New York City amongst others. More dates are soon to be announced and fans can purchase tickets by heading to – by Matt Bishop

The Quiet Life Tracklisting:

  1. Goes Without Saying
  2. Knew Then Know Now
  3. Find Me
  4. In With The New
  5. If Not Now When
  6. Kodachrome
  7. Collapse
  8. Hymn For Her
  9. Everybody Here Wants You
  10. Before I Start Dreaming

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