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Finding Equilibrium with Doc Coyle of God Forbid

Finding Equilibrium with Doc Coyle of God Forbid      Equilibrium is not an easy thing to find. God Forbid seem to have found it on their latest album, of that very name. God Forbid have expanded there sound on Equilibrium, with tightly-written songs that pack a powerful punch both lyrically and musically. God Forbid have been grinding in the metal underground since… Continue reading

Practicing The Ritual with Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder

Practicing The Ritual with Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder It’s never a good night to have a curse, but it’s always a good night for an interview. I recently got a chance to sit down with frontman Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder to talk about the band’s latest record, Ritual, and their 2012 U.S. Tour. It’s… Continue reading

Discovering Metal Heritage with Martín Méndez of Opeth

Discovering Metal Heritage with Martín Méndez of Opeth      I recently got a chance to sit down with Martín Méndez, bassist of one of the premier progressive death metal bands in the world, Sweden’s own Opeth. I caught up with Martín on a tour stop of the band’s co-headlining Heritage Hunter Tour with Mastodon. Opeth has been… Continue reading


     It was a huge day in Philadelphia, PA last Thursday. One of the biggest bands in the world, The Used, were in town for an exclusive in-store signing and acoustic performance. Just a week earlier, The Used released their much-anticipated 5th studio album, Vulnerable. It’s the band’s first release on their own label, Anger Music Group, in conjunction with Hopeless Records. Merely two hours… Continue reading