Going To War With Andrew Wetzel of Attack Attack!

Going To War With Andrew Wetzel of Attack Attack!

     This interview means war! Andrew Wetzel is the drummer of the one of the biggest metal bands in the world right now, Attack Attack!. I recently got a chance to catch up with him to talk about Attack Attack!’s latest album and their future tour plans. In the last year, Attack Attack! headlined Vans Warped Tour, released arguably their best album to date, and trekked across the world on a headlining tour.
     The latest album, This Means War, came out back in January and is one of the finer albums of the genre to date. It’s a raw, bare knuckled Attack Attack! record. Wetzel is a drum machine, and the album’s rhythm section is pulse-pounding, with precise staccato and flowing tempo changes. He’s certainly one of the best up-and-coming drummers in all of rock music. The record is also a concept album of sorts. Andrew explained to me that all the songs on the album are in some way related to soldiers coming home from a war, but their lives and the people in them have changed tremendously.
     In our interview, Andrew explains more in-depth about the album’s message, and how they aimed to create a socially and politically relevant record. Attack Attack! are embarking on a monster co-headlining tour with Escape The Fate this spring called the This World Is Ours Tour. The guys will tour across the globe, with the most important stop being Rock On The Range in their home state of Ohio. The world is yours, my friends, so get ready to go to war and CRANK IT UP!

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