Following The Path of Totality with Korn Drummer Ray Luzier

Following The Path of Totality with Korn Drummer Ray Luzier
     Few artists in music history have been able to reinvent the wheel. To change not only a genre, but the entire face of music. The list is a short one, and Korn is near the top. In 1994, Korn released their self-titled debut album and revolutionized heavy metal and music as whole. They created a whole new sub-genre, “nu-metal”, that fused traditional heavy metal with elements of alternative rock, grunge, and hip-hop. In the following decade, Kornwould rule the airwaves. Topping the Billboard charts, garnering massive radio play, and consistently owning the #1 spot  MTV’s TRL, Korn became the biggest band in the world. The band has sold over 35 million records world-wide. The band has released ten studio albums, 8 of which have gone Top 10 on the Billboard Top 200 (five of them hit the Top 5). 8 of their albums have gone multi-platinum. They have been nominated for 7 Grammy’s, winning two of them, and 11 MTV Video Music Awards, winning 2 of them. Korn hit their peak when they released back-to-back masterpieces: 1998’s Follow The Leader and 1999’s Issues. Both albums hit #1 on the Billboard Top 200. Their last album, 2010’s Korn III: Remember Who You Are, hit #2. Korn are back on top of the music game.
     They’re new album, The Path of Totality, was released today on Roadrunner Records (big shout-out to all our friends over at Roadrunner!). Korn have once again revolutionized the music world, and are once again the biggest band out there. This new record combines Korn’s classic nu-metal sound, and each track features a popular dubstep/electro-house artist (the hottest genre in the world right now). The album includes appearances by Skrillex, Noisia, and more. In October, Korn headlined the epic 48 Hours Festival in Las Vegas, the first outdoor rock festival of its kind in Vegas. After making history again, Korn embarked on The Path of Totality Tour to promote the new record. Recently, I got the chance to sit down with Korn drummer Ray Luzier backstage. We chatted about the tour, the new album, and of course, his insane drum solo on the Vegas Strip at The 48 Hours Festival. Check it out, and CRANK IT UP!

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