Clutch and Killswitch Engage Are Interesting Co-Headliners, But Rock Is Rock

Clutch [© Matt Bishop Photo]

(TRR) – One of the more interesting co-headlining tour is currently trekking across North America. Last night, groove rockers Clutch and metal giants Killswitch Engage stopped at the newly re-branded Wind Creek Event Center (formerly Sands Event Center) in Bethlehem, PA. The tour seems like an odd pairing at first, but rock is rock, and it works. Both acts are playing big rooms together, and their respective fans are coming out to support the trek.

Killswitch Engage [© Matt Bishop Photo]

Killswitch Engage got things off to a running start with “Strength of Mind,” quickly launching into a powerful rendition of their anthem “This Fire.” Things mellowed momentarily for “Arms of Sorrow,” a slower-paced track that still has plenty of power. Things picked back up in a hurry with their hit “My Curse.”

Killswitch Engage [© Matt Bishop Photo]

Other highlights included “This Is Absolution,” “Rose of Sharyn,” and the GRAMMY-nominated “To End The Heartache.” A live performance of the emotional “Always” is a spiritual experience, of sorts.

Killswitch also gave fans a preview of their forthcoming studio album. They debuted “Unleashed” and “I Am Broken Too” from Atonement which drops on August 16 via Metal Blade (Pre-Order HERE).

They closed out with their ultra-heavy cover of Dio’s legendary song “Holy Diver.” While KsE have enjoyed many successes throughout their career, but perhaps their greatest achievement is being one of the most dominant live hard rock acts of the last two decades.

Clutch [© Matt Bishop Photo]

Clutch took the stage for Act II of the evening. They kicked things off with “In Walks Barbarella.” From there, the band proceeded with a set full of deep cuts and rarities. It was a more mellow outing than usual for the band, but fans did not seem to mind. Whether fast or slow, Clutch’s filthy grooves were still present.

Cranking out tracks like “Smoke Banshee,” “The Regulator, “Spacegrass,” and others, Clutch continue to prove why they’ve lasted so long. After a 15 song set, the band returned to the stage for an encore of their hit “Electric Worry” and the noisy “Rats.”

Clutch’s last studio effort was 2018’s Book of Bad Decisions.

Clutch [© Matt Bishop Photo]

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