Mayhem Festival is pretty much the most intense show on the planet. It’s a rare moment on the tour when a band can take things up a notch. Whitechapel is one of those bands. Despite the blistering afternoon heat, Whitechapel proceeded to send the crowd into a roaring rage. Fists, sweat, and beer were flying as heads banged and mosh pits clashed. With all due respect to Anthrax, Slayer, and Slipknot…Whitechapel may be the most brutal band on the tour this year.

I caught up with guitarist Ben Savage backstage to talk about the tour and the band’s new album. Ben kicked things off by stating, “Slipknot and Slayer are the two biggest metal bands around, we just released a new record…this is the perfect tour. The planets are aligned.” After the band wraps up Mayhem Festival, they will be hitting the road hard with Hatebreed on the 10 Years of Perseverance Tour, along with All Shall Perish and Deez Nutz. Get your tickets and get ready to mosh like you never have before. – by Matt Bishop

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