A Giant Night of Metal – On The Gigantour 2012 with Chris Broderick of Megadeth

A Giant Night of Metal: On The Gigantour 2012 with Chris Broderick of Megadeth 

     What better way to kick off the New Year with one of the biggest metal tours of 2012. The Gigantour kicked off last week in Camden, NJ. I got a chance to catch up with Megadeth guitarist Chris Broderick. Chris has become one of the premier shredders in heavy metal, trading blistering solos nightly with frontman Dave Mustaine. One of the most diverse talents in rock right now, Chris has a degree in Classical Guitar Music Performance from The Lamont School of Music at The University of Denver. He plays everything: classical, jazz, country, and of course…HEAVY METAL.
     Megadeth are the headliners and founders of the Gigantour, which is entering it’s 5th year after a 4-year hiatus. Chris said the band is really pumped to finally take the Gigantour back on the road (this year, with Motörhead, Volbeat, Lacuna Coil). Chris and I got to talk about the band’s 13th studio album, Th1rt3en, which is out now on Roadrunner Records (big shout-out to all my friends at RR!).
     Megadeth has sold over 30 million albums, and 5 albums have gone Top 10 on the Billboard Top 100. And after the interview, Megadeth proceeded to burn the house down like they always do and prove why their still one of the best in the business. You guys do not wanna miss this show, so go get your tickets…and get ready to CRANK IT UP!

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