Charm City Devils Bring The Sin to Chocolate City at Rock Allegiance

It’s a tough job to kick off a festival show bright and early at 1:00pm, but somebody’s gotta do it. At Rock Allegiance 2012, it was Charm City Devils who were called upon to get things off to a running start. Later on in the day, I sat down with frontman John Allen to reflect on the band’s set, and talk about their upcoming plans.

As far as being the first band on the schedule, John said, “It was good to be here and start the show off on the main stage. It was fun.” When talking about the band’s newest record, Sins, John told me that the band just signed a new deal with E1 Music, which distributed the record to all major record stores and online outlets (congrats Brothers!). The band also just released the second single from Sins, titled “Unstoppable”. “We felt like this was a natural single,” John said, “and oddly enough, we signed with E1, the guy that signed us said ‘that’s it, that’s the one we wanna go with’.”

Charm City Devils hail from the gritty city of Baltimore, MD. The band was discovered and signed by Mötley Crüe bassist and Eleven Seven Music chairman, Nikki Sixx. Their debut album, Let’s Rock-N-Roll, was released in 2009 and iTunes named them “Best New Rock Band of 2009”. The Devils changed labels in 2012 to Fat Lady Music. Their sophomore effort, Sins, followed shortly after and was produced by Grammy-winning producer Skidd Mills. The albums first single, a cover of “Man of Constant Sorrow”, is still tearing up rock radio along with the album’s fresh new single, “Unstoppable.” With a new deal and plenty of touring ahead of them, Charm City Devils look pretty damn unstoppable right now. – by Matt Bishop (Photography by Dave Melendez


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